Sunday, January 8, 2012

Albums Galore

Well, It's Sunday night, and I really can't quite believe that the weekend is almost over. I had such Grand Plans. Several of which were completed, and several of which are laying in a pile on my bed. Granted, I put them there so that I literally couldn't go to bed until they were complete, but now I am tired, and they are mocking me!!! Totally unfair!!!

On a good note, I got the albums set up in facebook, so you can now click on my page, and see all of the current in process quilts, from inception, through design, and eventually to finished project. My goal is to update these every week, if not sooner, so that you can really see what's going on around here. SO, sign up on my Facebook page, so that you can see everything as we go. Current in process projects include : MiniStars Version 1, MiniStars Version 2, Glacier Star, and Key Lime Pie.

So, see you soon, and have a great week!

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