Friday, January 6, 2012

How can it be Friday??? AKA how to lose an entire week.

Seriously folks, where has the week gone? I can't believe it's epiphany already.

It's been a great week here at Queenie Quilts, a busy but great week.

We were off on Monday, so did a bunch of tax preparation and cleaning getting the house in order for the new year. Not that it is finished, but we made a big dint in getting the stuff ready for the accountant. Hopefully, that will all be finished by the end of the weekend.

Tuesday was the first day back to work at the real job, and a day full of surprises. Nothing that was on the evening plan was accomplished, and instead I worked on binding and having yummy meatloaf dinner before Jared returns to college later this week.

Wednesday was the return of Wacky Wednesday sewers -- our group of friends who come over every Wednesday for "class" which generally consists of gossip, snacks, and laughter. This week we were working on an "emergency baby quilt". Seriously funny, since the long-armer among us was the one with the emergency...her daughter is due with the first grand-baby on the 16th, and not one quilty thing had been completed, so we had an old fashioned quilt bee. Kelly and Vera were cutting, Mo and Patty were pressing, Shawn and I were sewing, then back to Mo and Patty for trimming and repressing. Once we were assembling rows, Patty made the binding. It was an old fashioned assembly line. It was great and a lot of fun, and most importantly we got the whole quilt made (including the back and binding) in just under 3 hours. Shawn's going to put it on the machine today (Friday) for stippling and binding tonight! Miracle of miracles it will be done by the baby shower!

Thursday was office evening, we did a full backup of all of the systems and then got the old PC offline. It was also pay the bills and organize the office night, so not much much fun, but a necessity. We did manage to watch a few episodes of a very strange cable show --Beyond Bad, or something like that.....a strange story line about a high school teacher turned drug dealer/cancel patient.......I am certain that show is not kid friendly, but some of the serious moments were so comical that you couldn't help laughing.

And that my friends is how you lose a week.....which means you are in luck, since my weekday plans will have to occur over the weekend, so you have the following blog posts to look forward to :

  • Blog about Mini Stars Table Runner
  • Blog about New Class List
  • Blog about new album feature in FaceBook
  • Blog : Adventure Week 1
  • Blog : New Patterns

Looks like it will be a multiple post weekend friends....

Till then....happy quilting!

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