Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pin, anyone? List, anyone?

So, have you been introduced to the newest way to lose 3 hours on the internet? You know, the one where you look at all of the awesome projects that everyone else is doing and suddenly feel completely inadequate? Seriously girls, there are some super cool things out there on Pinterest. Some uber-talented men and women who post their projects onto a "boards"......either done or going to do, or inspiration, or potentially just something that they are lusting after at the moment. It's really sort of a visual representation of what you are, or want to be.....kind of a vision board on steroids. And like make of the other sites, you can "follow" your friends and spy on what they are lusting over, or see what your idols are working on. I'm really excited to see where this one is going, to see how the quilting world interprets it and uses it to display in process and completed projects. But in the meantime, it's just sucking up a lot of time while I pin all of my favorite shoes...and stalk a few of my idols!!! (it a good way, I promise). So, if you want to join us, just send me your email and I will send you a invitation!

I really can't quite believe that it is Thursday already this week has flown. It's the last week to get all of the home and office projects finished before the show season starts again. My first show for 2012 is next weekend in Bakersfield, so I've spent the evenings this week making sure that I have new fabric packs, registr tape, and all the general supplies you need when you take a shop on the road. You would think that having done this for a full year now that I would have a list of things to take to every show, or some type of checklist (I am the list queen, you know), but so far, I haven't done that, so maybe that will be on the agenda for the week as well (just thinking about making a check list makes me excited, how crazy is that?).

Okay -- off to make that list. Have a great day folks!


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