Monday, January 23, 2012

Lame Post #3 in a row with no pictures

I have a good reason, I promise!!! It's been rainy here for most of the weekend, so although I took some pictures, they are gray and dark, and generally yucky, so I am sparing you from the yuckiness!! It was a busy weekend here, I put 2 bindings on on Friday, and worked on patterns on Saturday. I lost several hours of Saturday evening on Pinterest, but whose counting. I am completely ready for the tax man, just waiting on a few final pieces of paperwork from the state to include in my filing and I am all ready to go. I cut up the luscious new fabrics for the show in Bakersfield next weekend, and yesterday I even cleaned the car (crazy, isn't it?).

Those of you who know me personally, and have ever seen my car, know that I essentially live in my car, with a 2 hour daily commute, owning my own business, teaching several nights a week and a new years resolution to hit the gym more often, there seems to a profusion of "stuff" in the trunk, add to that a full teaching schedule, and I literally had 3 duffle bags, a sewing machine in its bag, a quilt tools bag (sort of like a scrapbook keeper bag), a makeup bag, one of those mini filing cabinets with all of the class handouts, and 4 quilt project boxes in the trunk. Needless to say, it took me about an hour to get the car all spiffy. I even went to the container store and got a trunk organizer (which I must say is great so far, it keeps things upright, and makes me accountable, plus, if it gets full, you can take the whole thing in the house!). And all this because a friend from college started her own organization business and got me inspired. I must say this having a spiffed up car is quite nice, I just hope that I have the discipline to keep it that way! I promise I'll get some pictures one day this week when it isn't raining!

Well, off to the daily grind. Working a double today, so I won't be home from job #1 until 11pm. Have a great day everyone, and happy quilting!

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