Sunday, January 8, 2012

Adventure Week One - Nada

Well, we're a week into the new year, and I can't quite believe it, it's gone so quickly. Work and work2 have been crazy, and I've been working like a crazy person personally to get organized and ready for the show season which starts in just a few weeks.

In terms of Adventure, the only adventure in my life this week has been in attempting to get organized.....which I am simply not particularly good at. I want to be organized, even obsessively organized, I look at those houses on pinterest (you know the ones, with everything perfectly aligned, and photo ready at any time), and I wonder how do they do it???? Seriously, for my house to be that photogenic, it would have to be cleaned 24/7. And where is the adventure in that? So, I guess my week 1 take on adventure is : there is no adventure in cleaning!

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