Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Couch Quilt

✔️Well, we've been in the new place for 3 weeks now...and I finally got around to working on that couch quilt that I've been wanting since my last move. I finally realized that I just needed something really simple.....and since one of my goals is to work through my stash, I went stash diving....and found the very last of my coconut Bali pops....and made a simple jelly roll race quilt. Quick and easy. Once I had the strips all sewn, it was time to go diving again for some borders. 

I'll cut them either later tonight or tomorrow, and a quick and easy hour and borders should be complete. So, win, win all around! 

Quick and easy finish ✔️
No new fabric ✔️
Get something done ✔️

Do you ever need a simple easy project just to help you get your mojo back?


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