Monday, December 22, 2014

Stormy Seas - Week #6 - Wrapping It Up

Oh my!!! It's the final week of Stormy Seas QAL, which means it is Christmas!!!! And next week is 2015! Holy Crapola this year has flown by. More on the year, and goals for 2015 later this week. For now, let's focus on GETTING IT DONE.

Week 1 : November 17 - November 23 - Bag # 1 Assembly - Done

Week 2 : November 24 - November 30 - Bag #2 Assembly - Done

Week 3 : December 1 - December 7 - Bag #3 Assembly - Done

Week 4 : December 8 - December 15 - Bag #4 Assembly - Done

Week 5 : December 16 - December 22 - Sewing Curves - Done

Week 6 : December 23 - December 29 - Final Assembly - that's now!!!

Did you work on your curves over the weekend??? If you follow on instagram and Facebook, you know by now that I got mine totally done this week, since week 6, I will be testing a new pattern for Quiltworx!!! How exciting right?? But with the holiday and all of the craziness that is bound to occur I figured I better go ahead and get mine assembled. I even went ahead and got the back all done. That is to say, I bought 2.5 yards of backing. That's the nice thing about table runner and bed runner projects, you generally don't have to "make" a back, just buy it and put it in a box and send it off to your favorite quilter! For me, that is the lovely Carrie Barone in Montana for this project, since she already has a digitized version that I love!

How is yours coming??? Are you sneaking in sewing time this week with the family?? Or are you buried in Christmas Magic sewing still??


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