Thursday, December 4, 2014

November -- where did you go??

Well, it is officially December. The end of year is within sight, not to mention the Christmas holiday. We had our first Christmas party of the season last night. We always kick it off at Shawn's house on the first Wednesday of December -- a group of old sewing friends together for finger foods, chocolate martinis and a good game of naughty santa....always fun!!!

In terms of sewing and quilting, I haven't gotten much done this month, it's been crazy busy, but very little sewing has been done. After Market and Festival, I had just a few days before I jetted off again to Nebraska for a family reunion trip. And now working on Christmas gifts, which means no sharing (or limited sharing at least)....crazy town here!

So, on that note, back to the project list....

The goals as stated at the new year are in black, amendments (changes/additions, etc) are in blue, and status is red....

1. Captain's Wheel complete and sent to the quilter in February. I'm about to send a search party for this one!
2. Celtic Wave (Queen) - Piece Along to start in mid-February! complete and sent to the quilter in July.
3. Flower's for My Wedding Ring - Didn't touch this one this month, but happy to say that the focus will return to this one in January, as we will be hosting a wedding ring QAL for it!!! 
4. Scrappy Trip This one is on the design wall, just need to spend some quality time with it.
5. Osprey's Nest Done. Closed.
6. Hawaiian/Prairie Star - Added in April, I have cut it all out. and I will be taking it on retreat this weekend. So fingers crossed a lot will get accomplished. Got nothing accomplished on this one.....
7. Fire Island Hosta Queen - Added in April. I have cut this one out as well. I should take it to retreat, but that might mean I get neither we'll have to see. Done. 

1. Winter Wonderland - I got it back and I love it. I posted some pics, and did a blog post.
2. Glacier Star - Handed over to the quilter while I was in Montana. Headed back my way.
3. Mariner's Compass done. Quilted and bound.
4. Compass Rose - done. and blogged. 
5. Meandering Star - done. 
6. Captain's Wheel - at the quilter.
7. Celtic Wave Queen - sent to Montana for quilting
8. Flower's for My Wedding Ring - 
9. Scrappy Trip
10. Osprey's Nest - Done.
11. Feathered Star Queen - sent to Montana

Pattern Writing
1. 2014 Block of the Month - starts on January 13th! - Done. started February 13th. whole year worth of patterns have been scheduled!!! We found an issue with these....all of the posts that had been scheduled before the July 1 blogger update were corrupted, so once I get back from Market (or maybe while I am there), I will get these reposted!!! Sorry folks!!! Almost done with this one!
2. 5 new patterns for spring market - all done!!! 
3. 5 new patterns for fall market - all done!!!

Other projects :
1. Amazon Star finished
2. Pepperdish finished - no change
3. Crackers finished - complete
4. Feathered Star Queen finished - complete
5. Project Destash - current total as of October 30th is --57.25. November - didn't use much this month, and I went on a shopping spree (or 4).Got some new project fabrics for the family while I was in Nebraska -- 30 yards total for specific projects, which I will cut out and work on later this month!!! Hopefully, this month will be a big one in the fabric busting world! I have big plans!!! With a quieter teaching schedule and some free time, I am determined to get some things done.

December Sewing Plan
1. Stormy Seas QAL
2. finish Disney Swap
3. presents!!!!

How are your quilty goals going this year??? Have you started thinking about next year??? I have begun thinking about plans for next many things I want to do/finish/work on....there is never enough time/always too many projects, but I really want to get ahold of them this year and get organized once and for all!!!

Happy Quilting!!!


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