Monday, December 29, 2014

Make a List Monday

So last week, I wrote about the somewhat dicey sewing plans. With Christmas last week and New Year's this week, it's often hard to sneak in any sewing. I was lucky though, I was pretty far ahead, and the work front was pretty quiet, so I spent some time sewing. I didn't get everything done, but I got a lot done, which made me happy!!!

Last week my list included these....

1. Finish up Stormy Seas Tablerunner - done
2. Cut out Prickly Pear - done
3. Work on Paradise in Blooms- done
4. Start on Clue 1 of Grand Illusion Mystery (by Bonnie Hunter) - didn't manage to get any sewing done, but I did manage to finish all of the cutting!

This week, I have BIG plans. It's a pretty busy week....and by the time you read this, I'll already be mid-stride on a couple of these....and I have plans to be a little more accountable, posting pics as we go, so that you can see these build out. Just hoping that I have good light this week for pics.

1.  Paradise in Blooms

  • Outside Border Units cut out 
  • Interior Border Units cut out
  • Baskets pieced
  • Exterior BOP units (right and left)
  • Applique shapes made
  • Assembly
2. Grand Opening at Cozy Creative Center in El Cajon, CA. One of my favorite stores in CA moved a couple of weeks ago, and their official grand opening in the new space is this Friday and Saturday. I'll be demoing wedding rings, and a couple of rulers at the shop, so stop by and say hello!

3. Teaching in Glendora on Sunday, January 4th. Hard to believe the new year will be here by the end of the week, but it's happening and I need to accept it.

4. Finish up the Goals for 2015, and update the spreadsheet with all of my new updated plans!

5. Start my Whole 30. I've been thinking about it for a while now, and have decided it's time to do it, and stop talking about it.

6. Organize the stash. 

What are you working on this week???


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