Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stormy Seas QAL - Week #3

Is anyone else still recovering from Turkey Day??? Okay, maybe not turkey day, but the festivites surrounding it. I got home from a week log trip to see my family on Monday, and I am finally catching up on the home things that need to be done. I have a laundry list of to dos this week, and the Christmas parties are starting (which seems insane)!!! More on that later this week, now back to Stormy Seas!!!

So, here's the schedule :

Week 1 : This week ! November 17 - November 23 - Bag # 1 Assembly - Done

Week 2 : November 24 - November 30 - Bag #2 Assembly - Done

Week 3 : December 1 - December 7 - Bag #3 Assembly - This week!!!

Week 4 : December 8 - December 15 - Bag #4 Assembly

Week 5 : December 16 - December 22 - Sewing Curves

Week 6 : December 23 - December 29 - Final Assembly

So, since we are on day 3 of week 3, we better get to work!!!

Did I mention this week has the most work??? That's right, it has more units (20) than previous weeks, and more sections per unit (13), so this week technically has the most sewing! It also has 2 opposing units (10 rights, and 10 lefts). The secret to making sure that everything goes together correctly is organization. When bags have multiple units (or right and lefts) in the same bag, I tend to sort, and then sew individual sets, just to keep me organized, so I'll be working in tens this week. It's a busy week, so I am not really sure when I will have time to sew, but I am going to make it work.

I took a few minutes this morning to work on my cutting table, and get everything arranged for maximum productivity. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with the iPad linking up to the internet, and I can't get my photos to show up here on the blog, so I'll have to show them tomorrow, for now, it's off to Orange County for business meetings.  

I have appointments this morning and early afternoon and the first of the Christmas Parties is tonight at Shawn's, so likely no sewing for me today, but we'll see, maybe I'll finish sooner than I thought!

See you soon!


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