Monday, December 15, 2014

Make a List Monday

As we approach the holidays, it is always harder to get things finished (or started) and always a bit dicey on how much actual time you will have to sew....and this month is no different. It seems everyone is busy (and slightly crazy) getting ready for the holidays, attending parties, and decorating. Let's face it, a lot of us quilters are home dec enthusiasts, and have pretty extensive decorating traditions, and cookie traditions, among other things.

One of the nice things about December is it tends to be a slower month on the teaching front, I only have a handful of classes to teach this month, and as a result, I have more office time, which means I tend to stay on top of the paperwork as it comes in the door (which is always nice).  Of course that also means that I have more "plans"....

With that being said, I have a ton of things to do, and limited hours to do, here's the proposed list for the week...

1. Finish up Stormy Seas Tablerunner
2. Cut out Prickly Pear
3. Work on Paradise in Blooms
4. Start on Clue 1 of Grand Illusion Mystery (by Bonnie Hunter)

What are you working on this week???


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