Friday, November 7, 2014

Quilt Along Quilt Along - Here we come

It's that time again, to work on a new Quilt Along. For those of you who haven't done one of these, it's really simple....we pick a project, I put together a schedule, and then we work on's an accountability and completion strategy for me as much as a teaching opportunity. I walk you through any questions on the pattern, and give pointers on specific topics..and take lots of in process pictures, and you work on it, and send me any questions....

So, this quarter, we are working on Stormy Seas by Judy Niemeyer. It's a great classic setting, and whether you use it as a table runner or Bedrunner, it will be amazing.

The original is done is Edyta Sitar's new line from Moda, a combination of batiks and cotton prints is shades of cream, caramel and blue. I will be making mine from a combination of Kansas Troubles prints, since it will be a gift for a friend....but I'm jumping ahead....

Here's the schedule :

November 15th - official start of Week 1 : fabric selection and preparation, since this is a smaller quilt, we have left less time than normal for this piece. So, please start early if you can...since you only have the weekend according to the official schedule.

November 17th - 23rd - Week 2 : Bag 1 Sewing

November 24th - 30th - Week 3 : Bag 2 Sewing

December 1st - 7th - Week 4 : Bag 3 Sewing

December 8th - December 14th : Bag 4 Sewing

December 15th - December 22nd : Assembly : Curves and S Curves

And that's it. Of course, in there is that pesky Thanksgiving holiday, and all of the Christmas shopping and preparations that are going on, so I know this May be a bit to commit to for some of you. If it's not the right time of year, or just not the right project right now, just keep sewing on whatever you are working on. Enjoy it. It's your time for your hobby, so make the most of it! You can always refer back to the posts next year....

So, until I see you again, happy fabric selecting!


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