Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Big Announcement - in San Diego

SO, I mentioned in a previous post that Judy was going to be in San Diego -- did you notice that I just kinda slid it in there??? I wasn't being evasive, I was just couldn't announce it!!!!

Judy will be here on Tuesday, December 9th, hosting a color workshop at Cozy Quilt's new Creative Space in El Cajon from 6-9pm. It is a ticketed event, and there are limited seats, so make sure that you call the shop and reserve your spot!!! If you are a San Diegan, you know that Cozy is moving this week, so if you can't reach them immediately, don't worry, just call one day next week.

Judy's Color Workshop and Trunk Show
Tuesday, December 9, 2014
6 p.m.
Cozy Creative Center
756 Jamacha Blvd
El Cajon, CA

For reservations please call 619-670-0652

Did I mention I was excited??? I've been keeping this secret for the last 10 days, and I feel like the pregnant girl who wan't far enough along to tell anyone!!! And this is just the beginning of the big plans.....

See you soon!

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