Monday, November 17, 2014

Make a List Monday.....

It's still Monday, but barely. I delayed today's make a list Monday to participate in the the Timeless Treasures : Reclaim West Edition Blog Hop....if you missed that post, scroll to the bottom, and read it, because there are prizes!!! And who doesn't love prizes???

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming....Make a List Monday...

Poor make a list Monday is feeling overwhelmed today....Next Monday, we leave for Thanksgiving!!! Yes, Turkey Day is quickly approaching, and with it the rush of last minute things, and planning for 2015 and all of the associated make a list Monday is having list overload. Luckily, I had a super busy and productive day today, so while the list is long, a lot is getting checked off..

1. Finish the Flyers for our big Friday announcement!!! Yes, a big announcement is coming on Friday regarding a certain place in the North where I will be teaching next Summer......just finishing up the final pieces of info for the flyer....

2. Finish flyers for 2015 Q1 classes and class lists. The boring office stuff that must be done when you run your own business.

3. Update the website with all of the associated yummies #1 and #2 above....again more boring office work....

4. Make a tree skirt. A last minute, we are leaving on Monday, and it needs to be pieced, quilted and bound before I get on the plane kind of tree skirt. Oh yeah, I need to design it too. No pressure.

5. Figure out how rafflecopter if anyone has any advice on that one, let me know....I definitely need it!!!

6. Bag #1 and #2 of my Stormy Seas Quilt Along.....because I scheduled that OVER VACATION....what was I thinking??? I wasn't, way to go Project Manager!

7. Work on my Paradise in Blooms quilt...I want it finished before Judy gets here on December 9th. Which leaves me with oh, 8 sewing days between now and then. It's doable, but only if I strap myself to the machine. Good thing I own a ball and chain....

So, if you need me this week, I'll be at the sewing machine. Sewing my little heart out. Literally.

I'll be back tomorrow with the Week 1 of the Stormy Seas Quilt Along Info and assignments...until then. Sew On!!!


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