Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Finish It, Thursday

I didn't finish these this week, but I'll be away teaching on Friday, andi didn't want you to miss out on these......I never sent over any pics of the binding finishes from a few weeks ago. These have been finished for a couple of weeks, but the weather didn't cooperate for pics, and then once it did, I completely forgot about them....

So, here's some binding goodness from the past few weeks...

Winter Wonderland TableRunner
Quilted by : Carrie Barone, Lakeside, MT

I love the texture on this Tablerunner! And the piped binding is an interesting story. It's hot pink! Hoffman 1895 watermelon to be exact, but it was the right "red" to make the stars pop.

Compass Rose Tablerunner
Quilted by : Carrie Barone, Lakeside, MT

This one is significantly bigger at around 30 x 60. It will be going to my brother who wanted "no flowers, leaves or other girly things" . Does he realize how hard it is to find fabrics without floral motifs?

And a few more detail shots....

Now, I really must get to work on the curved binding....

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