Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekly Update -- I need a Monday redo

So, the week was kind of a bust....I managed to get a bunch of things done, but they weren't the things that I had planned and this week is looking just as crazy, as I have a dozen or so orders on the way from EE Schenck, Robert Kauffman, Brewer, Checker, Hoffman, and Art Gallery Fabrics. It' just 3 weeks from the Quilt Knit Stitch Show in Portland, so there are lots of things on the, I'm going to keep working on these items, and maybe add a few, and I'll try to keep you updated on what's happening.

1. Finish Fire Island Hosta - it really only needs a few hours of work, but it's S-curves and you know how much I like them. I got all of the center finished since this picture was taken, and I have moved onto the outer border....which I am still not in love with. At least it is just a simple border (not pieced) and it's going to hang in a shop for 3-6 months, so if I find something that I like better I can replace it (que last week's large time suck while I looked online for the perfect fabric).....

2. Make blocks for Log Cabin Cutouts. I got the first set of curves sewn, and that was about all....I'll continue to work on these this week....

3. Catch up on all the desk work....update FB calendar, update multiple websites, pay the bills, deal with the mail, etc, etc, etc....Done!!! At least I got something done....thus all of the deliveries headed my way this week.....

4. Bind these....Winter Wonderland and Compass Rose are done. Didn't even start on the curved one, 

Compass Rose (red/black/yellow) - it's a simple back binding. Done.
Winter Wonderland - the inner binding is done, just need to add the main binding. Done.
Forever Yours - curved binding - not my favorite - but it needs to get least all the bindings are made, and just need to be added....Not even started.

So, that's the plan for the week....I think I may have overbooked my free week.....Of course I did.....

What are you working on?


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