Sunday, September 29, 2013

Market Madness Has Begun


It technically started a while back, but I am really feeling the pressure the last few days, as the fabrics come in, need cutting, samples being made, and bound and generally requiring lots of hours of dedicated sewing/quilting/writing all at once.

Not sure how much time I will have here on the blog, since I have 3 teaching weekends in the midst of the run up to market, and am still proofing patterns, and doing bindings (and one or two late designed quilts that I HAD to make) know what they same about inspiration??? Grab it while you can, so I did. Love the result but not the drama of getting in pieced, quilted, bound, written, proofed, photographed and printed in just over 3 weeks!!! Oh Vey!!! One day I will learn!!! (Didn't I say that last year???).

Maybe I should write books instead, you have to turn them in ages before the come out in print, perhaps I should change my approach??? Or maybe I should publish patterns as they get pieced, quilted and bound and not "save them" for market??? But then they would be in last season's fabrics, and that's no fun!!! Oh, the options to think about when you are procrastinating!!!! I need to go make dinner and do laundry, and to be honest I am sewed out for the day, but cleaning doesn't seem like fun either!!!!

Since I am going to be a little less bloggy due to my schedule, make sure you are following me on twitter (@queeniequilts), instagram (@queeniequilts) and on facebook, as I do update those more frequently.

Happy Quilting....


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