Thursday, September 5, 2013


So, we are five days into September....and I have managed to get a couple of my To Do's to DONE.

1. Hang the new sign in the bedroom - done.
2. Update the pictures on the mantle
3. Rearrange the pantry
4. Purge the closet #1
5. Purge the closet #2
6. Purge the closet #3
7. Binding on Summer Solstice (because I will feel finished with it then) - done
8. Reorganize the pattern drawer - done
9. organize the cutting table drawers (2) - done
10. reorganize the under sink cabinet in the guest bath
11. label all of the projects in the sewing room - done
12. Paint and install the peg boards that have been in the garage since April (yes, sad).
13. Unpack the box that has been on top of the dryer since I moved in 15 months ago.
14. Sort the knitting stash - done
15. Make a crochet and knitting stick organizer
16. Make zippy strippy bags - 6.

Do you think anyone will notice that all the fun ones got done first???

Happy quilting -- or organizing?!!!


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