Monday, September 2, 2013

A Must DO

So, I'm working away on market stuff (though I did do some sewing for me on Saturday) I was browsing around facebook and the blogosphere (you know procrasticleaning).......and I came upon this, and well, it just spoke to me.....not that I have 5 kids (like the adorable Abbie), or the adorable house, or husband. Nor in any way does her life really resemble mine (seriously, she has had 5 kids and looks like a million bucks, and I have zero babies and could stand to lose more than a few). But I totally get that feeling that I am always behind, and yet still procrastinating on doing things (although I think she has a few more valid distractions (at least 5 that I have seen in pics)).....Needless to say, I still found her idea refreshing, and needed in my life at the moment, when it is easy to get overwhelmed with the deadlines of life. As we approach regular job budget season, and quilt market, which coincide every year, I tend to get a little over-committed and totally overwhelmed, and then I just get frustrated....

So, I am taking on the elephant challenge...starting on Monday. Do something daily to improve life. Just a few minutes of realignment. In hopes that I can keep my sanity (by making more commitments, yes, this is slightly crazy, but you know me right???)....These should also take less that 15 minutes, so it's no real time commitment (though I admit that doing them all in order on the last day of the month (which might or not be a common occurrence in my household) would be a big commitment). So, here's the list of items to work on....

1. Hang the new sign in the bedroom
2. Update the pictures on the mantle
3. Rearrange the pantry
4. Purge the closet #1
5. Purge the closet #2
6. Purge the closet #3
7. Binding on Summer Solstice (because I will feel finished with it then)
8. Reorganize the pattern drawer
9. organize the cutting table drawers (2)
10. reorganize the under sink cabinet in the guest bath
11. label all of the projects in the sewing room
12. Paint and install the peg boards that have been in the garage since April (yes, sad).
13. Unpack the box that has been on top of the dryer since I moved in 15 months ago.
14. Sort the knitting stash
15. Make a crochet and knitting stick organizer
16. Make zippy strippy bags - 6.

So, I only picked 16 activities, because I have having a real vacation this month. Yippee. Don't worry, it's a quilt retreat and I will be posting while I am there and having tons of fun with the ladies in Montana.

And on that note, I leave you with a finish from the weekend.....

Meandering Star

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