Thursday, September 26, 2013


I should be beavering away on quilts for's just a few weeks from now!

Instead, tonight I am procrastisewing. That is procrastinating on the items you should be sewing but still sewing....

I did some fiddly super precise work earlier this evening, so I wanted something mindless, so I turned on an old rerun of Bonnie Hunter's Quilt-Cam, pulled out an old easy-peazy UFO and got to work.

This project is at least 10 years old. At least....I remember buying the fabric as a bundle at the Quilt Room in Dorking, Surrey, U.K. while I lived abroad, and I have been back in the states for 9 years.....(hard to believe, but we'll leave that or another post!). 

Anyway, it is called Giselle, and I think it is Robyn Pandolph while she was at South Seas, but I'm not sure, and there is no selvedge, so no evidence. I remember that it came as fat quarter meters. And I know that I had to buy multiples to get all of the prints, so they must have been store made FQ packs.....there are 8 prints, and I planned a simple 4inch square random placement, very shabby chic look. Which became very boring.....big wide strips, and just piece them into paired strips, and then pairs of pairs, etc, etc, etc.

I only got to the pairs of pairs part before I gave up the ghost and moved on to something else. Giselle has been a UFO ever sense. She is not the only 1, in fact there are about 40 in the quilting closet that are partially finished. And I am on a mission o reorganize, declutter and simplify, and that has meant evaluating all the away pieces and parts, redeploying fabrics to the stash that I no longer like in the pairing, and prioritizing the list. That prioritization started in early August, since I knew I wanted all UFOs completed by December 2014. I sorted and rated and ordered all 43 projects, with a plan to blog through the UFO destruction process as part of the 2014 plan of events.

So, back to she is as I pulled her out of the box. 48 combos of 4 - 4 inch strips. In desperate need of pressing. 

I pressed and subcut them, and the started pairing the pieces.....

So they look like this....

Next up......pairs of pairs. And sleep, lots of sleep, because Giselle is kinda boring sewing folks. But good procrastination.

Happy Quilting!


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