Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello Tuesday

So, most people do hello Monday -- but I was busy hibernating this weekend in the quilt room, and didn't come out until late Monday and realized that it wasn't Sunday.....

so, instead we are having Hello Tuesday --

Hello, Fall??? -- where are you??? -- it is still super hot here. It was 101 on Monday, and humid. And the forecast looks like more of the same. Super jealous of everyone who is seeing those cool nights return.

Hello new peeps -- welcome to the family. I have new people joining me on this journey, helping me with the office things and order fulfillment. So happy to have you on board!!!!

Hello board meetings and finance meetings and meetings meetings meetings -- I have something going on every night this week -- crazy schedule!!!

Hello healthy breakfast and dinners planned -- spent some time this weekend getting it all ready for the week. Have crock pot meals all ready to go for the week, and the breakfasts all sorted out. Fall always makes me want to get organized, including my diet.

Hello new tea and water hydration plan. I read a really disturbing article about diet coke over the weekend and I have been trying to give it up for a while, but this FREAKED me out!!!! SO, going cold turkey.

Hello organized desk -- it is nice to see you, wish you would stick around!!!! Seriously, at least for a little while......

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