Monday, September 1, 2014

My Quilty Top Ten

SO, I'm jumping on the bandwagon and talking about my quilty 10. These are just my thoughts on what I am as a quilter.....not what anyone else should be.....more of my description of how I see myself...

1. I love points, the pointier the better!!! As a result, I love paper piecing, because you can get pointy points with very little effort.

2. I live simple shapes. Seem like a contradiction??? It sort of is. The truth is, as much as I love points, they aren't always the shape that I want. And they are time consuming. So, sometimes, I like a simple 9 patch or 4 patch block combo. Easy peavey lemon squeezey!

3. I am not really much of a quilter. I can run the long arm and do pantos, but I have not spent a lot of time on the long arm, and have not gotten good at the more advanced shapes. As a result, I send a lot of my quilts out for quilting by someone else. Hi Carrie!!! Hi Kerry!!! Hi Tammy!!! These three ladies do most of my quilting. If you need referrals, let me know, these ladies rock!!!

4. I love teaching. It really is my favorite part. I love seeing the light come on and people embrace new processes.

5. I love batiks. They are my favorites.

6. I'm picky about prints. I love some of them, and no so much others. example : I love Cotton and Steel Basics, but not so much the prints. I know, someone will have a major coronary that I stated that, but this is my opinion, they just aren't my style, and I can't figure out how to use them for quilting. For bags, yes. For pillows, yes. For wearables, some. For quilts, not so much. Same for AMH. Prints are so "personal" to me, some I love, and some not so much, so I can't say I always love anything by any designer, because I don't.

7. My stash is embarrassing. It is huge and full of things I don't know how to use. So many things still exist from my "Thimbleberries" Phase....when I first started quilting it was the rage....and I have tons of it, and now, it just doesn't inspire me. Today, I am inspired by bright, cheery fabrics, not so much the civil war reproductions.

8. My stash is overwhelming. It's huge, and completely unorganized. I really need to spend some serious time combing through everything (you know, the open every box, touch everything once, and find it a home type of organizing).Not the type of thing that I like to do....but I really want to tackle it after market!

9. I am obsessed with Instagram. Seriously obsessed. There are so many quilters out there that inspire me on Instagram.

10. I have a hard time letting fabric go, even if I don't love it anymore....I want it to be used and loved. As a result, I have bins of stuff that doesn't inspire me but I can't get rid I've joined the Bonnie Hunter craze and started working through some of my stash to make it into usable "colored shapes" in hopes that I can work it into something.

And that's about it for you can see stash management is a big topic on my mind lately....

What's on your qulty top 10???

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