Monday, September 29, 2014

Make A list Monday

Well. It has been a great week!

I got all except one for my market quilts finished! The remaining one needs some final piecing on Monday, and then it too will be off to the quilter for some special attention!

So, here's a sneak peak....

That's quilt #2, with bindings #1,3 and 4. So, there's some pretty obvious departures for me at Market....a little Kaffe, a little solid, both a bit out of my comfort zone....and of course I kept my usual batiks! 

There's also a sneak peak of the new Judy Niemeyer Bali Pops that will be in at the beginning of the year! I'm super excited about this one, since it's really my bright pallette! I'm seeing a Diamond Wedding Ring, and a Garden Wall in my near future!

And of course, immediately following market it is back to the grindstone on Paradise in Bloom. I only really need a few days and that will be ready for hopefully I will hand it over mid-November!

Can't believe how quickly things are coming down the pike! Seems like October will be over before it starts!

This week is bound to be more of the same as last week, proofing patterns, getting everything to the printer, and binding, binding, binding! We leave for Market three weeks from today, so it's final push time! I'm tired just thinking about it!

We also have the Quilt Oasis Show this weekend! It's a brand new show in Palm Springs and it starts on Thursday at 10am and runs through Saturday! It's from the same group that hosts the PIQF show in Santa Clara, and so far, there seem to be a lot of people going, so it will be fun to see everyone and take a break from being chained to the sewing machine and computer for a few days.

Well, I better get back to waits for no one!!!

Happy Quikting!

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