Monday, September 15, 2014

Make A List Monday

Well, it is bound to be crazy this time of year, and we are fulfilling that at the moment.

I like to think for my schedule as pretty organized, I try to "protect" time to accomplish projects and make sure that I am working on priorities and the right things rather than just the fun things (let's face it, it's much more fun to sew on a quilt than to do the taxes, but taxes must be done).  But this week is even crazier than usual....

Here's last week....

A couple of things that had to be done, and a couple of appointments....keep in mind this is the after pic,most all the things that came up midweek have been added and taken care of....

And here's this week, as of today...that's right, no time for any additions, and no time for any frivolous activities either. Which means a lot on the make a list Monday list.....

So, here's the list....

Super secret sewing for market
Super secret sewing for market 2
Super secret sewing for market 3
Super secret sewing for market 4
Follow ups on quilts that should be returning from super secret quilting for market
Make bindings for super secret market sewing....
Make pattern edits from pattern testing for market
Prep for the Santa Barbara see those empty boxes in my of them will get unpack and repackage the trailer
Sleep ( a little)
Eat (probably lots of snacks to keep the blood sugar going)

Not on the list this week....

TV watching

So folks, it's off to run some errands this morning to ensure a productive week....

What are you working on?


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