Sunday, April 17, 2016

Working on a million things....

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, as friends are moving to Seattle, and I've been focusing on packing, and spending as much time as possible before they leave doing the goofy things you do with friends...making memories and just generally relaxing.... oh, and eating, lots of, exactly what have I been up to???

Watching - reruns of Blue Bloods, I SO love Netflix! 

Craving - Chinese, it's my favorite lately

Doing - lots of laundry, and cleaning

Obsessing - over Three Irish Girls yarn -- their color ways are amazing!

Loving - being able to wear flip flops again. While you can generally wear them all year long in CA, it's been wet and rainy lately, and that is not so much fun with flip flops.

Reading - Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare - I devoured it in just a couple of days. Clare might be my favorite new author.

Wanting - to be done with paperwork!!! It seems to never end lately.

Pinning - not much...I've been a bit pin delinquent lately. I have however, been working on doing some of the pins that I have pinned.

Dreaming - of girly retreat weekends. I need some serious girlfriend relaxing time.

Writing - not so much writing as editing lately. As we get ready for market there are always a million things to write and rewrite and write again, and again.

Crafting - not much. I picked up a bunch of patterns for bags, but I haven't gotten around to making any of them yet.

Sewing - not much. Work is busy, life is busy, so I haven't spent much time sewing in the past few weeks. I am hoping to resolve that in the next few days, but at least until next Thursday no sewing for me. 

Knitting - With Alaina leaving for Seattle and notoriously chilly wet weather, I have a couple of items on the needles for her, and I have been eyeing a doggie sweater for Penny, but so far, I haven't picked yarn or a pattern, just research.

Listening - to books on tape, particularly Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins....

Wearing - my standard uniform, jeans and t-shirts, though I did add some new shirts to the repertoire, and I have been able to turn in my tennis, for flip flops lately.

Needing - nothing, except a little sleep and a little less stress, but market will be over in just a few weeks and everything will calm down.

Planning - just a few dozen projects or so....the patterns came in for Clamshells, and I am collecting lots of fabrics for that one. 

Trying - to give up diet coke....and failing miserably....

What have you been up to this week?


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