Friday, April 22, 2016

Quilt Focus : Mariner's Compass

So, I've been working on documenting all of my quilts, and it really is a big job, getting good shots takes quite a bit of work, between getting the right time of day, and the right lighting and the right location, etc, etc, etc. The pros make it look so easy, but it is anything here's a couple of shots of this week's focus....Mariner's Compass. As with almost every quilt I make, this one turned purple. It originally was green, royal, yellow, and orange -- a sunshiny color set....and somewhere it turned purple, and pink, as they all seem to.

Here's some detail shots. 

Completely out of focus, because, I really don't know how to use my camera yet, at this point, I am pretty sure, I will never learn how to use my camera correctly.

This one, is totally dark, but it is the best for showing the quilting....

Perhaps my favorite part of this quilt I can't take credit for....the quilting is amazing, and by the wonderful Tammy Deshayes Doane. It has feathers, and flames, and echoing, and stippling, and micro stippling, and general awesomeness all around.

I hope you have enjoyed this peak into the quilt vault, hopefully, I will be able to post a couple more of these this summer, as I continue to work through the trunk show!!!

Happy Sewing!!!

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