Monday, January 11, 2016

An Hour a Day : Week 2

Well, it's week 2 of #1houraday. I did pretty well last week, I got in 9.5 hours during the week, though I only sewed 4 days. This week's goal is to actually sew all 7 days, and get a few things done.

Rocky Mountain Bear Claw just has a few more steps and she'll be all done -- I need to sew the curves that attach the Claw to the Paw, and then sew the partial seams for the blocks, and finally sew the borders on. So, that should get finished this week, hopefully by mid week.

After that, I want to work on my Pepperdish and/or Amazon Star. I'm not sure which one I will actually work on, but one of them will be the front runner, I guess it will depend on how I am feeling about appliqué come Thursday, and how much time I have for the weekend....we'll just have to see.

For the knitting side.....I'm debating between two hats, both of which needs #6 dpns, which I don't have, so I need to go make a run to the LYS during lunch one day this week.

That's about it for plans this week, it's an off weekend for teaching, so I should have lots of sewing time!!!! can't wait!!!!

What are you working on this week???


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