Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Quilty Goals

I mentioned yesterday that I made some goals for the year....the thing is, they aren't very goaly (is that a word, oh well, it is now). If you have known me for long, you know that I tend to enjoy planning and mapping and all of the listing components of a project, but seem to very easily overcommit, get frustrated, and eventually quit......last year, I lasted until Aprilish....

This year, I am determined to not let that happen again....so I've really looked at my behavior patterns and processes, and this year, I'm not planning a whole year. I'll work on the next 60 days. Just 60 days, because in the next 60 days someone will release a new quilt (or quilts) that I HAVE to make, and I will need to adjust my priorities, and all of the things that go along with that....so this year, I'm focusing on just 60 days, and I'll review every 30 days to see how it's going....

So, for this segment, from January 1-February 29th (yes, it is leap year this year), I have a couple of quilty goals....

1. Finish the Bear Claw Tablerunner that is currently in process
2. Reorganize the quoffice -- that's the quilt room/office....I haven't properly organized it since I moved in last July, and it is well over due.
3. Create new binders for all of my classes -- and get all of the supply lists posted on the internet for guilds/shops to download
4. Document all of my in process/WIP projects, for both quilting (almost done) and knitting
5. Update my yarn stash into Ravelry
6. Sew 8 hours a week and knit 4 hours a week
7. Post 8 Block of the week blocks
8. Design and make 1 quilt for Spring Market

The goals are pretty lofty, and I know I will need to add some quilty sewing projects if I am going to sew an hour a day, since there are really only about 10 hours of work on the table runner at this point. The issue is, until I finish #4 above, I'm not sure what I should work on next......for once I have all of my class samples done and ready to go (yeah me).

Do you keep a running list of all of your In Process WIPs...???? How do you do it??? I'm curious, as organization is something I love, but am not good at...so I am always looking for ideas on how you track all the WIPs, and completed projects.....

Until Next Time!
Happy Quilting

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