Monday, November 30, 2015

Make a List Monday

Well, I survived the first time really hosting know where we were in charge of the food and the cleaning and the cleanup and the hosting. It was a small affair, but it was great!!! The turkey was amazing, though the over bag was full of juice, which was a bit weird....and the bird literally fell apart when we tried to move it to the platter....but it tasted amazing, and who really needs to be Martha Stewart???

With the end of the Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas is really upon us....luckily, I don't have that many items on the to make list for gifts, but I do have quite a few deadlines for the 1st of the here's what I will be working on this week to get stuff done...

1. Pattern Testing before publication on December 15th. I have 2 more to final test, and then it's ready to go!!!
2. Partial seams for Rocky Mountain Bear Claw -- I just have a couple that I need to do to finish those up.
3. Prepping some step outs for January classes.

I'm trying to get back to my #30minutesadaykeepscrazyaway . I am also getting back to the stash management process, as I work through the garage and realize again how much fabric I have in my stash....and how little chance I get to really work through my stash. I have this grand plan to work through it or get rid of it, which seems a little extreme, but really I'm at that point, I HAVE SO MUCH FABRIC! It's ridiculous. Embarrassingly ridiculous.

So...that's the plan for the week!!!

What are you working on this week???


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