Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What I have been do...ing

Watching - Arrow on Netflix....a completely guilty pleasure. 

Craving - peppermint bark, the homemade kind, not the store bought kind. 

Doing - lots of planning and scheming, and not a lot of sewing, but some.

Obsessing - about the dog...she's been having stomach issues lately, and it's  making me a bit neurotic.

Loving - bright mornings...the one thing that I like about this time change thing. The one I hate -- dark at 430. that sucks.

Reading - cookbooks...trying to figure out what new recipe to try for Thanksgiving.

Wanting - a long weekend at my sewing machine

Pinning - knitting, lots of knitting

Dreaming - about a new car, or at least a new to me car. Thus the planning and scheming above....

Writing - patterns

Crafting - baby blankets -- seems pregnancy is catching in these parts, and I suddenly have 5 friends who are preggers, so I need to get on it.

Sewing - bags -- specifically designing bags.

Knitting - cowls....they are a new obsession

Listening - to Tony Robbins in the car....he always reminds me that better days are ahead if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

Wearing - my typical uniform -- jeans, t-shirts, and lately -- sweaters because it's finally winter in California.

Needing - to get my hair cut....I keep meaning to make an appointment, and getting distracted.

Planning - weekly meals...I don't stick with it 100%, but I've been pretty good about planning and making dinner.

Trying - new recipes....at least 1 a week. some have been good, and some, not so much....but I'm learning.

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