Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Market Release #2 - Crossroads

This quilt was inspired by a student. She brought in a lovely Kaffe Fassett lanterns quilt (the courthouse steps quilt) in these colors, and I loved it! I'm not traditionally a fan of his fabrics, as I struggle with them. I finally realized that when it comes to Kaffe, it's go all in or go home!!! Seriously, use them all, or not at all. So, all in, I was, and it was a great result. You can use as few or as many prints as you want, as long as you stick to your color families.

I could see this quilt in a million different variations, from alternate Kaffe colorings, to batiks, even to modern solids....pick your three color families, and pick all shades in each family.

It's a fairly quick quilt to make, and because it is on point, it is a great way to make a bigger quilt without the hassle of a million blocks. So, pick you theme, and off to the Crossroads you go...

This quilt was a challenge to photograph given the day -- it was windy and bright, a deadly combo when attempting to photograph something that tends to turn into a sail....hope you enjoyed some of the outtakes....

Happy Quilting!!!


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