Friday, October 24, 2014

It's that time again -- Sew Along Starts November 15th

It's time to start thinking about the new edition of a Sew Along. I've been thinking about it for a couple of weeks, trying to figure out which quilt to do next, and I've got it down to three, and it's your chance to set the, let me know which one you want to work on and I'll work on the schedule over the next few weeks, with the intention to start on November far, the options are...

Option 1 - Flower's for My Wedding Ring - a classic wedding ring, with gorgeous corner appliqué.
Since we haven't done one with appliqué yet, I thought it might be a fun new technique to cover.....

Option 2 - Stormy Seas - A relatively new pattern for a table runner. This one might be a good option because of the time of year.....I know a lot of people have Christmas and Thanksgiving commitments, and this one has a lot less sewing that some of the others. New Techniques to cover include the S curve.

Option 3 - Prairie Pinwheels - This pattern was released at Spring Market and is a really quilt strip pieced technique. I sewed one of the original samples in Reclaimed West in just a couple of days, so this one might be another good option given the time of year. 

 Option 4 - Ice Crystals - one of the newest released patterns, this one is a quick and easy one as well, based upon the glacier star center medallion, and is appropriate to the season.

SO, that's my four current recommendations...and I am looking for your input on which one to do next.....My plan is to start on it during the week of November 15th, and finish sometime in late December or early January, depending upon which one we pick.....I will also be doing some You-Tube videos to go with the weekly posts, giving you some more info on how to work on it....

Which one is your favorite???

Happy Quilting!


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