Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Quick Update

Well, it is here. That is right, Market is now just a handful of days away....technically it's a little over a week, but since we are DRIVING to Houston (read that as 30+ hours EACH WAY)....we leave in just a few days. Monday to be exact.

I think I am ready....hopefully I haven't missed anything.

1. The patterns are printed or being printed presently (the final one will arrive here on Friday, because, you know how close I like to cut these types of things). This was the big thing. the main thing. Okay, basically the reason for going to market, so nothing like a little pressure to get it done scenario.
2. The bills are paid. Through November. Because, while I leave on the 20th of October, I won't be home until mid-November, and a lot of things happen in that span.
3. Thanksgiving has been arranged. Dog sitter, tickets, rental car, etc, etc etc.
4. The other last minute things have been arranged, planned, scheduled -- dentist appointment, packing, fabric cutting, pattern stuffing, clothes washing, dog grooming, carpet cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, oh and because of all of the frantic trips to the printer, and the store, an oil change is in order for poor Agnes the Accord.
5. Did I mention I think I am ready.....but I also am confident I have forgotten something....I have no idea what, but something. Oh well!!! If I don't figure it out by Sunday at midnight, we'll have to get it at Walmart, or not at all.

Did I mention I am super excited about the new patterns??? Because I am. Totally excited. and tired. very tired.

What are you sewing on this week???

Happy Quilting!


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