Sunday, October 19, 2014

And the crazy continues...

I keep saying, " as soon as xxx, I'm going to take a day off and do absolutely nothing".... I think I have been saying that since soon as 4th of July is over, as soon as Labor Day, as soon as Market, etc, etc etc.....I feel like tomorrow is Christmas. Not really tomorrow, but soon. Very soon. I'm not going to count, it might freak me out!!!

On a serious note, Market opens next Saturday, and Festival the following Wednesday evening, and this week is all about a 3 day drive to Houston. We leave tomorrow morning in the early hours and will arrive sometime Wednesday. 20+ hours in the car. I hope I have packed enough things....and by things I mean snacks....I have granola, and a collection of almonds (cocoa dusted, vanilla prailened, plain, and dipped in coconut and chocolate), and some chips, and granola bars, and of course a lifetime supply of diet coke. In an effort to keep boredom at bay, I have a variety of activities as well....several books, some knitting, some hexes, some binding, and of course some games on the iPad, and some puzzles. Hopefully, I have enough stuff to keep me busy and occupied and not bored....we'll see how successful I am on that front.

So, forgive the next few final weeks of crazy...because I am taking a day off after. Maybe even a few....

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