Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Well, this week has been busy....I taught at Cotton and Chocolate over the weekend, and then came home with the intention of prepping for the Portland Show all week. We leave on Sunday, and there are still a ton of things to do, but I can say that at least I feel like the booth will be ready. I might be naked, because I haven't tackled the laundry yet, but the booth will definitely be adorable.

So, what sewing did I get done?

Not much....I spent most of the week so far doing this....

Bagging and boxing fabric for the show.

Which involves cutting approx 600 yards of fabric, folding them precisely so that they will fit into these....

You see the lines on that mat, those are new....finally to the point that the rotary blade is hitting the inner core of the mat ( which is a yellowish color). So, mat replacement will be pretty high on the list once I get back....

I did do some of this....

Scrap sorting....not that I hit very far...these are now the "anything larger than 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 bin. These will get cut into sizes once the ginormous pile is all sorted.

I did get to work on these.....they are from Urban Winter by Sew Kind of Wonderful and use the Quick Curve Ruler.....the top is together now, and I made a quick drop at the quilter this morning, so that I might be able to squeak this into my luggage for the show, but we'll have to see, I am not counting on it being ready, since I decided I was going yo make it just yesterday.....nothing quite like a last minute decision.

Did you notice that the lighting is horrible in all of these photos? I averaged the time that they were taken, and the answer is 1:17 am, my night owl ness is insane lately....I've been up at all hours, and still managed to get Penny out for her 3 miles every morning at 7, but I suspect a late morning soon, since I am really tired right about now. Maybe I should just go to bed now? It's only 8:30pm.....we'll see!

So, I really didn't get much sewing just wasn't the right week for it!

The sad part of this tale is that next week will be even worse, as Wednesday is set up day at the show, so unless I do lots of car sewing, there will be nothing new!!

So, if I'm not here next Wednesday, you will know, I got no car sewing done....

Happy Sewing !!


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