Monday, August 11, 2014

Make a List Monday

Today's Make a List Monday is brought to you from the backseat of a white Tundra headed up I-5 to Portland. We're a few hours from our destination, and have gotten to the silly point, when the stuffed animals start exercising. Seriously, they jump from the back seat to the front and dance to Radio Disney....what can I say, we've been on the road for 14 hours! The delirium has set it! 

I'm done least for the next few hours...I'll take some pictures once we stop moving....I'm not done, but I'm taking a break + I need to save some for the Montana trip. I made a lot more progress than I expected, there are only a few turns left to bind.

This week is a busy week, but not much sewing will be happening....Tuesday is a pal around Portlandd day, Wednesday is set up, and Thursday through Saturday is the Quilt, Knit, Stitch Show in Portland. Then on to Montana.

So, hope you guys are ready for some crazy stories, because these trips invariably turn into Comedy Central...

See you soon!


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