Monday, June 9, 2014

Wonderful Weekend

It was a most wonderful weekend in these parts. It was my monthly trip to Cotton and Chocolate for Mariner's Compass class, and I took an extra day and hung out in the shop to finish up some projects. And you know me, finishes make me super happy!

Penny was spoiled rotten by her favorite sitter, the illustrious Jared, proud papa to Emma, a golden lab mix, who is about 2 weeks younger than Penny and her favorite playmate! I wish I had a picture of them together, but all of them are blurry, since their favorite sport is puppy wrestling....

This is Penny after Emma has been here for a visit! Exhausted!

So, back to my weekend.....this is really my favorite weekend for Mariner''s class 5, and suddenly all the piecing comes together to make the big center octagon....

We had patriotic...via Vicki T.

We had sophisticated via Wendy's Asian inspired fabrics.

We had fall (with a hint of sarcasm). There is a back story. I promise it is hilarious. This one belongs to Marilyn......

We had Christmas from Judy.

We had modern, via Monique.

And finally, we had tropical....from Lauren. Which we nicknamed overachiever, since hers is also FINISHED! Hers started with the star print and we merged and selected from there. I think everyone was super thrilled with this one, since a couple of classes ago, Lauren tried to remove her finger with a rotary cutter. (Not a fun moment, thank goodness we had a class full of nurses to fix her up).

There are a few others I didn't get good pictures of, but I promise to get some next month!

Until next time! Happy quilting!


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