Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ongoing Household a Organization

So, this is what I am working on this weekend!

Every time I move I have to reread this book. Every single time. You would think that it would eventually just be part of the moving in process, but I have to reread it and refresh my mind on the "process" of organizing.

I wasn't an organized child, I like to think I was a creative child, but I think I was really more a busy child...always on the way to or from something. As a result, my room was a mess. But in college, a good friend gave me this book (yes, this is the original copy, all yellowed and brittle). She is now a professional organizer that gets paid to organize people's closets and count their shoes. I will never be that organized (and you will never want to hire me for that), but I do like to have an orderly house. I feel more free to make a mess, if I know I can get it back together....

But for me, I have to restart the process with every move. It seems that in moving house the "homes" for all my "stuff" get confused. So, usually about 2 -3 months after I move I finally get frustrated enough to get the book out and reread the "kindergarten classroom" layout plan. Once my plan is established and everything is laid out and has a home, I will feel much better and be much more productive. 

So, that's my fancy weekend plan. Hope yours is exciting!


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