Thursday, June 26, 2014

Early Bird Thursday

It's Wednesday night, technically Thursday morning and I can't sleep. I had planned on getting to bed early, since a 6 am wake up call is in store, and I even got into bed before my usual 11pm. And then I just laid there for the last 105 minutes. Willing myself to go to sleep. And it doesn't seem to be working....

So instead, I decided to write a quick update post in the hope that one less thing will be swimming in my brain....

On the rainbow project...Fire Island Hosta

I got the fans made, and I really like them. They were quick, which meant I got a bunch of other stuff done today which was great.

 All stacked up.

 All fanned out.

It was late when I took these, so perhaps tomorrow a full layout in good light is in order...

But before that, sleep.



  1. I wasn't home during photo hours today, but hopefully tomorrow will be phase 1 photo day!!!