Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Iphone Post

I am going to apologize in advance for any spelling, typos, etc. i will be blogging for the next few days from the phone, as the internet provider win't be here to set it up until next Monday, so this is as good as it gets till then.

Moving os proceeding fairly well. I managed to get all of the personal stash moved yesterday and today, and the sewing room closet is pretty full. I think i need an intervention. 

The closet :

All of the Red Robin boxes are fabric, as in personal stash fabric.....which is a bit much. There are a few PIGS in there, but mostly just yardage. It seems I need to spend some quality time sorting and cutting and making, rather than buying.

The project boxes : 50 12x12 AND 8 10x14x5. I bought these to store in process projects, but the projects have outstripped the boxes, and that's a lot of boxes. It also doesn't take into account the "active" projects. The ones that are actively being worked on - which are stored in 3 14x14x4 boxes. Or the projects that have all the blocks made, or even the center made and just need borders. So next week is devoted to getting some of these projects boxes emptied! Besides, my longarmer needs long term employment. 

So, starting Mat 1st new weekly updates on stash reduction and projects! I need someone to keep me accountable! In the meantime, i need to do some stash prep for some Quiltville projects, or send all of this to Bonnie!!!

What are you working on????

Happy Quilting!

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