Monday, April 28, 2014

Celtic Wave QAL update - Checkpoint 6 Start

 It's that time, time for the every other week Celtic Wave WAL update. And the truth is, I have gotten nothing done. I would love to tell you that I am finished with my curved piecing like I had planned to be, but the truth is, I haven't even started. I had planned to remedy that this past Saturday with a full day of sewing planned, but Little Gabie arrived 3 weeks early, and to say I did nothing that resembled sewing was an understatement. Not that I have gotten to hold her as of yet, she is in the NICU, with an issue that they are monitoring, so the holding will have to wait, but she is already a complete distraction, which I am happy to endure.

So, instead, I will be playing catch up this cycle. Hopefully getting my curved piecing done while the rest of you work on your queen geese making (if you are indeed making geese). For now, it's just a quick glance at what is just need to get them put together.....

geese - lots of them.

Spike Units - 40 of them....

More geese units....

Border Spike Units......

And the asteroids....for the center.

All of these have to be curve pieced, first the spikes to the geese, then the spiked geese to the asteriods or corner segment. So, 80 curved seams in all. Which for me, is approximately 2 full days of sewing. Because I am slow with curves because I am a bit of a perfectionist with them. But alas, it will be fine, once I get started.

Here's a quick refresher on what we have next.....

Checkpoint 5 : April 14 - Curved Piecing - we just finished this segment (okay, should have finished, but we'll catch up don't worry!!!!)
Checkpoint 6 : April 28 - Border Units (if you are doing the Queen)
Checkpoint 7 : May 12 - Start Assembly
Checkpoint 8 : May 26 - All DONE!!!!

How are you coming along on getting your Celtic Wave done??? What colors are you doing???

Happy Quilting!!!


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