Friday, April 4, 2014

Changes, changes, changes

Do you ever wonder if life will slow down? Just for a few minutes??? Just long enough to catch your breath and get started again. This has been how my life has been for almost 2 years, running on overdrive and wondering why I was always behind.....

I've made some conscious changes to slow down life, make fewer commitments, and scheduling time for the things that need to get done, like going to the gym, and RELAXING. I must admit it is weird, but it also seems to make me much more productive. Huh??? Not sure how it works, but the work hours are more focused, when I know I have commitments and scheduled end times.

So, win/win, right??? Yep!!! It's still a little bit weird to have scheduled down time on the calendar, but I think it is really essential to recharge the batteries and reset the body clocks. And the getting to the gym regularly makes a difference in how I feel, even if the size of my jeans doesn't change (although that is starting to happen as well, which is AWESOME).

But as with all things, even these things must change......A big move is in the next two weeks, and though it doesn't technically impact the business, it messes with my brain and my organization system, so it definitely impacts the business. It's exciting because I will have more space, and terrifying because packing is just, well,  terrifying. Of course, like all things it comes in the middle of the busy season, as we are finishing up spring Market patterns, and a full schedule of shows and teaching, and the end of the fiscal year for work, so just a little bit crazy. Thank goodness, I have built up some relaxation time, so I am ready for the bug push....

So, around here, things may be a little crazy, as I get everything sorted, purged (because this is the perfect time for a little purging and spring cleaning), and reassembled on the other side. I promise to be quick, and be back here as soon as I can. In the meantime, keep working on all of your projects, and we'll see you in a few weeks.....

And don't worry, the BOM will be here on the 13th, it's all scheduled out, and I am bound to be here at some point, of for no other reason that I am taking a break from organizing, or sewing. (I know, the ADD is really kicking in at the moment!).

Have fun everyone and I'll see you all soon!!!


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