Monday, April 28, 2014

A Few Student Projects

It's been a while since I showed any student work, and they really have been working quite hard to get projects done, so I thought we should show them off. 

Deborah Conklin finished this Glacier Star at Memory Lane on a Sunday a few weeks back. By the following Saturday, Mona Beck has quilted it and bound it, and it was preparing for an over water trip to England. Deborah made this for a family member as her wedding quilt. I think I want to be adopted!!! 

This is Mona Beck's Tropical Rainbow. Mona stopped by while I was teaching at Memory Lane to show us her quilting (if you zoom in you will see that the threads aren't yet buried on the quilt). I really love this pattern, and really must add it to my rotation soon. It uses a technique that is only seen in a couple of Judy quilts (the cutout and overlap) and I am super anxious to work on that. Along with all the others on my list of quilts to do.....  

And this is Gil's Glacier Star....Gil is in my class at Cotton and chocolate in Thousand Oaks, CA.

I love the subtlety in this quilt, and the repetition of the darkest background. It really plays well in unifying the design. Gil is starting on the extensions next with hopes to finish it in next month's class. 

And finally, this in Jonelle's Glacier Star Queen. Love it!

Next up, working on Osprey's Nest, and picking up a half dozen quilts that need binding. Good thing there is a Star Wars marathon in my near future.....Hope everyone had a great National Star Wars day on Sunday, the Force of May. 

Happy Quilting!


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