Monday, April 14, 2014

Celtic Wave QAL update

Well folks, it's April 14th - the day before tax day. All my accounting friends are crazy busy getting all of  the taxes finished and filed and general craziness before one of the largest single mail days in the US (though apparently that is changing, since you can do it all online now).

For us it is the end of checkpoint 4 : affectionately known as Bag #4 of the Celtic Wave QAL. This was an easy checkpoint, with just a few pieces to cut out. In fact, it had zero sewing which is good because I haven't seen my sewing machine in at least a week. Literally. I packed it away last Monday in preparation for the move, so it has been a whole week since I have even seen it, much less used it!!!

I did manage to get my pieces all cut out before I packed the sewing room, and I even managed to get a pretty special box for this guy, so that I can easily find him amidst the chaos of a move. Did I mention that moving is kinda stressful??? Seriously, I swear as soon as I pack something I need it!!!! And then can't find it. But it is almost over, the movers will be here on Wednesday to move all of the big stuff, and I have been moving some little stuff over since I have a 6 day overlap where I have access to both places. But I degrees......

Back to the QAL ...... here's my pieces all cut out, just before I packed them into their purple box. That's right, purple box.

Next up - Sewing the curves. That's right, it is time to sew all of those curves. I know this is a big piece of sewing for the next two weeks, but I know you can do it!!! Start with the little ones, that way to harder part is done, and once you start the big ones, it's all down easy street. That's my plan, anyway. I am hoping to be back in the sewing room by Friday. 

And because this week's QAL was kind of boring, some gratuitous student sewing....... This is Deborah Conklin's Glacier Star, from my class at Memory Lane. It is gorgeous!!! These pics don't really do it justice.....and it is a GIFT!!! I so wish I was her soon-to-be-married cousin!!! This quilt will be making its way to the quilter this week, and then off to England for the wedding.

And this lovely is by Mona Beck. I met Mona at a retreat in Montana. You might remember me talking about her last fall. We met in Montana, but we live in the same city....crazy small world. Anyway, she stopped by while I was teaching to show off this lovely Tropical Rainbow. And even more impressive, she quilted it herself!!!! AMAZING. Wish I had my big camera to get some detail shots, the pics from the ipad just do not do this any justice. 

And with that, I am off to finish packing. Have a great week everyone and i will see you once I have found my computer on the other side!!!

Happy Quilting!!!

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