Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Funday

It's my favorite Friday of the month -- when I leave for a teaching day in Thousand Oaks at Cotton and Chocolate Quilt Shop. The best thing about this Friday, is it is the day before Glacier Star Class!!! And since we will be half way through with Glacier Star this month -- it is time to pick our next pattern!!!! Oh, the choices and options available.....

On a serious note, we survived the Long Beach Quilt Show -- we had a great time (and I had some fantastic help, thanks again, Tracy!), and met tons of people, and got some great leads on classes, workshops and guild presentations, and realistically sold a lot of fabric and patterns (which is great, because now I might be able to get into my garage). And I am STILL tired. 4 Solid days of being on your feet for 12+ hours a day, and going right back to work was maybe not the smartest idea.....but then it was fun, so why complain? I'm almost back to feeling normal, which is to say that I have finally had a good night sleep where I didn't wake up remembering something that I forgot to do or mail or least I remembered right???

I was just looking at the calendar and realized that it is only a few weeks until market -- 11 to be exact -- so the countdown has begun....I have about 8 weeks to get all 12 patterns proofed and photography completed to be ready for the big release. Super nervous and super excited at the same time -- I'm hoping to have some fun sneak peaks here weekly over the next few weeks, that is IF I can get myself if anyone has some organizing advice for me about how to make more hours in the day, let me know, I sure do need them lately. Also accepting applications for house cleaners, meal preparers and diet coke applicators.

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