Sunday, August 11, 2013

Moving on UP (by Jawbone)

So, I have been looking for a pedometer for a while now, in an effort to track how much walking I am getting in on a daily basis. My biggest issue is that I don't like the ones that hang around your neck, since they always get stuck in my hair, and the ones that clip on your waist interfere with my clothes -- specifically my goal to wear dresses more often (it seems dresses don't have waist bands, imagine that??). So when I stumbled across this one, I thought "that could be an option" and didn't think much more about it. And then it kept popping up -- in blogs, in pictures, in I decided to really do some research and see if it would fit my needs.....

1. Is it accurate??? so far, so good....
2. Does it track steps or time, or both? Both -- plus sleep cycles, yes, sleep cycles. It knows when I sleep, for how long and whether it was light or deep sleep
3. Is the data easy to get to? -- yes, it is available via download to your iphone or android and then to your UP account
4.  Does it integrate with other apps for fitness tracking, etc? yes, it integrates with several of the popular free ones....yippee!!!!

And so, I bought one. It's actually more of a structural bracelet, I got the blue one, which is more turquoiseish. I originally wanted the navy or the purple, but both were on back order until September, and you know me, I'm impatient...So far, I have found out that I get more steps daily than I thought, and significantly less sleep than I thought....

Some other cool features.....
1. It charges and downloads data through a headphone connection.........
2. It is fairly inobtrusive.
3. it has a "power nap feature" -- where it calculates the perfect length of a power nap for you.
4. IT calculates resting and active periods and calories burned.
5. It has an inactivity feature -- where it vibrates if you stay in one place for too long. A little annoying in staff meetings, but useful in other places.

I'll keep you up to date on how I am liking it after a few more weeks of use.

p.s. -- no I am no paid to promote this product, I just bought one and have been a little surprised about how little I sleep....

Happy Quilting!!!!


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  1. Hi Cat, I have an UP! I love it. 8 of my friends at Canyon Lake have one. We see how many steps each of us do. It becomes such a great incentive to keep up our walking. Hope you enjoy your UP. Lyn