Friday, August 23, 2013

Feature Friday - Mariner's Compass

Here's my unquilted version of the Mariner's Compass -- the second in Judy's Technique of the Month Series. I am super excited to get this one back from the quilter -- it should be back in just a few weeks, and if I am lucky I'll get to see it on the machine while I am in Montana next month. I love the way this one turned out....and again I made some minor adjustments to my pattern -- I changed the sails to all go out, so that it glowed from behind, and I used a single fabric in my compass spikes because I had a hard time getting 3 of each color that gradiated the way I wanted, so I remade them as solid pieces. I love the  way that the print works in that position, it makes it dance!

And here are a few other samples of the same quilt.

This one has the queen extension, and light sails, and all of the border components.

This one is the basic one, with traditional sails (one light, one dark per segment) and the three piece compass points.

 This one was made by Lisa McCarthy at the same retreat that I was at.....she did three piece compass spikes, off set sails, and gorgeous custom quilting to showcase the pattern.

This one might be my is by Tennessee Quilts, which is one of the Certified Shops, they used the same elements as me (matching sails, no border segments, and single fabric compass spikes), and I love it. She did a really nice job on the rings, alternating the black and whites. LOVE IT!!!

Another version of the queen size...but with the border values reversed.

If you are loving this quilt, and are in the Thousand Oaks area, join us on the first Saturday of the month for our ongoing class. Contact Cotton and Chocolate to get into the class!!!

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