Monday, August 19, 2013

To Do Tuesday

So, I mentioned I make lists, right? I readily admit that I am a list-aholic. And I am generally good with that.....except when the list gets overwhelming......such as this one.....

The Judy quilts I have started.....and should be working on.....but new ones keep coming out, and I must do them also.....these are cut, and partially sewn....

1. Amazon Star
2. Forever Yours
3. Meandering Star
4. Pepperdish
5. Witches Brew
6. Prairie Star
7. Crackers
8. Sea Urchin
9. Coxscomb

And this list of ones that I have picked the fabrics for, and prepped papers for.....and may have cut fabrics for......

1. Tumbleweeds
2. Tropical Sundance
3. Tropical Flowers
4. Feathered Star Queen
5. Feathered Star Tree Skirt
6. Flowers for my Wedding Ring
7. Art Deco
8. Cabin Fever
9. Bali Fever
10. Farmer's Star
11. Desert Sky
12. Sunflower Illusions
13. Bali Fever
14. Cattails in the Meadow

And the new ones out this month that I want to do...

1. Princess Tiara Wedding Ring
2. Cotton Candy Wedding Ring
3. Osprey's Nest

And the one that I am most looking forward to......Not yet available, but coming soon.....

Captain's Wheel

Perhaps I should sew just to get something off the list.....

Happy quilting!


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