Friday, August 16, 2013

Feature Friday

So, I'm going to try to do a new feature here on the blog.....starting this week every Friday, I will feature some pics and information on a different pattern every week.....starting with Glacier Star.....

Here is my Glacier Star before quilting.....

I made some small changes to the pattern, and I am really happy with them......1) I adjusted the points on the New York Beauty to roll, 2) I changed the fabric in the lodestar (because I was 1/2 yard short on the focus fabric), 3) I separated fabric #9 into 2 fabrics (one for the feathered star points, and a second for the inner border.

I am super excited to see how this one will turn out once quilted, but that may take a while, as this one is in heavy teaching rotation at the moment.

Here are some other colorways that other Certified Instructors have done for this one.....looks like several of us made minor changes to the patterns to achieve the look we wanted. Love how easy it is to customize this pattern!!!

If you would like to join us and work on this quilt, I am currently teaching it at Memory Lane Quilt Shop in El Cajon, CA. There are classes this weekend, as well as In September and October. Just call the shop for details and they will take care of you.

Happy Quilting!!!


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