Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Busy, Busy Weekend

So, as per normal it was a busy weekend, with running errands, getting ready for shows, getting new fabrics in the shop and getting some mystery fabric!!! The mystery fabric came in the form of fabric that I didn't order, that showed up at my door....it was odd, and I hadn't paid for it, so I knew something was wrong, but it took a few hours and a couple of phone calls to figure out what.....the boxes ended up being for the Queene Bee quilt shop, and had been stickered by UPS, so I didn't get to keep them!!! But, my checkbook thinks that was a good idea. So, once that was sorted out, and I was able to reclaim my entry way, it was time to start working on projects...lots and lots of projects. I have sewing organization projects in process in the garage (painting, sanding, painting, distressing, etc). Meal preparation projects (via Pinterest, this could be very interesting). And several sewing projects. I can't quite believe that it's just a few weeks until I head out to Asilomar, and I have SO much to do before I go!!! I need to spend some serious time prepping, but that will have to wait until next week, for me to get some new rotary blades and a chunk of time to cut.

I the meantime, I have been working on my Glacier Star, and have gotten quite a bit done! I got my Feathered Star Units (right and left), and my Snowflake centers  all done, and ready to go, and I am really liking this colorway, even though it is totally new for me.....I can't believe I have never done anything in this colorway, with 200+ quilts under my belt I've never  done a fall quilt. I am really loving it!!!

Here are some of the units....

Happy Quilting!!!

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